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February 20, 2008

Pssst… Hey Kid, Wanna Free Hard Drive?

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Hi everyone,

Here’s a little trick I’ve been using for quick deployment of additional virtual disk space to the VMware VMs that comprise the service. The VMware Server installation includes the vmware-vdiskmanager tool for creating, renaming, expanding and generally messing about with virtual hard drives.

However, I don’t like running this tool to create a new 50Gb virtual disk in the middle of the day because it just slams the disk I/O channel. To get around the problem, I’ve created several disks of different sizes during off-hours and compressed them down for easy storage. Then when I need to provision a disk, I expand it, rename it and hook it to the virtual machine in Virtual Center:

VirtualCenter Add Hardware Wizard

So here are some compressed disk images for you (SCSI format):

  • 10Gb (8391 byte download)
  • 20Gb (16415 byte download)
  • 50Gb (40373 byte download)
  • 100Gb (80373 byte download)

Once downloaded, extract them as follows:

nice -19 bzcat xxxGb.tar.bz2 | tar xvfB -

CAUTION: The resulting extracted files will be the actual size represented in the filename. They compress down so well because they are mostly empty space until they are hooked to a VM and a filesystem is created.

After I extract the files, I typically rename the virtual disk to something more meaningful, like the name of the mount point in my VM. This way, I can easily tell which virtual disk is used for what without consulting the VM config file. The disk rename command looks like this:

# vmware-vdiskmanager -n 10GbDisk.vmdk UsrSrc.vmdk
Using log file /tmp/vmware-root/vdiskmanager.log
Renaming completed successfully.
# ls *.vmdk
UsrSrc-f001.vmdk  UsrSrc-f003.vmdk  UsrSrc-f005.vmdk  UsrSrc.vmdk
UsrSrc-f002.vmdk  UsrSrc-f004.vmdk  UsrSrc-f006.vmdk


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