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March 3, 2008

A Slight Detour

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Hi everyone,

I’m a bit late on posting to the blog, but I can explain! I took a vacation to Sedona, AZ last week (reason: here!) and didn’t have too much time to get online between marathon mountain-biking and hiking trips. I am planning some new posts for later this week, though.

In the mean time, I can show you a few pictures from the Sedona area. If you get a chance, definitely put this place on the list to visit. It is simply awe-inspiring!

Here’s a nice shot of the unnamed butte next to Soldier Pass that was lit with the evening sun as we climbed up to Devil’s Bridge:

Power Thumbnail (Topo map reference)

Hiking to the summit of Bear Mountain is an absolute must if you visit Sedona. This trip is the longest 5 mile hike I think I’ve ever been on. Bring tons of water and sunscreen, and make absolutely sure you follow the trail closely on the way down. Luckily, if you do get off-trail, it’s fairly easy to see where you should be going, i.e. not along the edge of Fay Canyon!

Power Thumbnail (Topo map reference)

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