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April 14, 2008

Small Tweak To Get Httplog To Build On RHEL4

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Hi everyone,

In a future post to follow very shortly, I’ll discuss a change to the VMware MUI application that relies on the httplog tool to perform Apache log rotation.

The first thing I had to do was get httplog installed on the RHEL4 system here. I quickly discovered that the source distribution wasn’t too good at detecting the proper version of zlib and configuring the Makefile accordingly. If you don’t have exactly zlib v1.1.3, the configure script assumes that you don’t have it at all. If you have a later version of zlib (like RHEL4 does), you have to do some hand-editing of the source code to build the tool.

I found an httplog SRPM online, but the .spec file wasn’t quite up to snuff. I added some dependencies and tweaked the configure script a bit. If you just want to install the tool, download the httplog RPM, or you can make additional tweaks with the httplog SRPM.

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