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June 10, 2008

New FreeBSD “Work In Progress” Mailing List

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Hi all,

I just got a message on the FreeBSD-hackers mailing list about a new mailing list where “works in progress” will be detailed: FreeBSD-wip-status.  By subscribing to this mailing list, you will keep up with the cutting edge of FreeBSD development and learn about the many ways that FreeBSD is used out in the world.

Here’s an excerpt from the announcement:

Hello everybody,

Subscribe today!!  Tell all your friends, co-workers and everybody you
know who’s interested in FreeBSD.  Post this on your blog! ;)


if you’ve been around lately you might already know about our effort to
provide periodical status reports about ongoing FreeBSD related WIPs.
The past reports can be found at:

This system has some shortcomings however.  The biggest one is that due to
the collection overhead and the high rate of exciting development under
the FreeBSD umbrella most of the reports are somewhat outdated by the
time they get to “print”.  Other projects never are announced in the
status reports because they happen in-between and fall through the

In order to improve this situation we have created a new mailing list that
should receive status reports from now on.

The full announcement can be found here:

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Keep in touch,
Greg, LLC

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