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June 19, 2008

FreeBSD 7.0 + SCHED_ULE Virtual Machine Available

Filed under: Operating Systems — Tags: , — Greg Larkin @ 2:40 pm

Hi everyone,

I’m diving into some new work with virtual appliances, so I thought I would make a clean FreeBSD 7.0 VM available to you. This one has the following configuration:

  • SCHED_ULE scheduler has been selected instead of SCHED_4BSD
  • Other minor option tweaks in the new kernel config file vs. the GENERIC kernel config. The updated kernel config can be found here
  • Root password is “password”
  • LSI Logic SCSI virtual disks are used instead of IDE so the VM can be deployed to VMware ESX Server
  • /usr/src and /usr/ports filesystems are packaged as separate downloads
  • Two separate base systems are available – one for VMware Server 1.0 and one for VMware Player 1.0. Why these products use a slightly different VMX file format is beyond me!

I plan to use this vanilla VM as the base for future VM downloads, and by breaking /usr/src and /usr/ports into separate downloads, that will keep the overall size down.

All downloads are available from BitTorrent, and please consider seeding the files if you find them useful!

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